So this is going to

by johnford on July 29, 2005

So this is going to be my first official posting from my Treo. What a hell of a day so far. Last night as I was heading off to sleep, I start hearing bubbles rising from the toilet. Like something out of a bad science-fiction move, I slowly creep up towards the head with bleach in hand. (I mean, after all, what else to you approach a toilet with that’s acting like Linda Blair.) So it turns out that there is obviously something blocking the line. Every-time someone is doing laundry, it starts backing up whatever is in the line into my the bathtub. Not a pretty sight. Let’s put it this way, I’ve gone through a couple of gallons of bleach so far.

Right now I’m at the Dunkin Donuts having an cruller and a cup of coffee waiting for my clothes to be done at the Laundromat. Then I’ll go home and scrub the shit out of the tub again before I dare scrub myself.God there are lot’s of pretty girls at the Dunkin Donuts. How do they stay so thin and attractive hanging out at a donut shop?

By the way, this is being posted from my Treo using Vagablog software. Recently open-sourced (as in free).


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