AC/DC Cofounder And Guitarist Malcolm Young Sheds Mortal Coil

AC/DC was never my kind of thing, but damn they cold play rock and roll. Malcolm was kinda’ the unsung hero of the band. Most of the attention of rock and roll bands often falls on the singer or the lead guitar player, but the rhythm guitar player is in many ways the backbone of the band. Listen to the Stones “Street Fighting Man” or Buddy Holly “Peggy Sue” it’s the rhythm guitar that often gives rock and roll that BIG sound. Quite often the acoustic rhythm guitar.

I did the intro for the AC/DC show in West Palm Beach when I was a jock on WSHE. I think it was the Back in Black tour. Backstage while the opening act was playing (can’t remember who it was) I was hanging out with the roadies, drinking beer and they were playing darts. Angus Young walked by with his guitar slung over his back in his school boy getup. I walked over and stuck out my hand to say hello and told him I was from the local radio station to intro the concert. He looked at me, and appeared to be three sheets to the wind, and said “I like to play the guitar” and then walked away. I think he was just farking with me.

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