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My better half sent me a note saying, “Hey why don’t you have any of your music posted on your site anymore?” So, I’ve added some tunes, I’ll post more as I find them. JF

  1. Stone in My Shoe John Ford 4:38
  2. I Knew I'd Hit Rock Bottom John Ford 4:04
  3. Jessie's Day John Ford 3:37
  4. New River John Ford 2:41
  5. The Day they Tore Ol' Beale Street Down John Ford 4:15
  6. This Raging Fire John Ford 4:46
  7. End of the Railroad Line John Ford 2:37
  8. The Inverse Curve John Ford 1:44
  9. Aimee (let your hair hang down) John Ford 3:44
  10. I Wish God Had a Telephone John Ford 2:10
  11. If I Had a Dollar John Ford 2:50
  12. In God's Hands John Ford 4:48
  13. Some Say Love John Ford 2:34
  14. A Man Knows No Honor John Ford 4:17
  15. America John Ford 4:39
  16. Loving You John Ford 2:28


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