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Kim and Trump get ready for their second meeting, this time Vietnam. Texas judge rules the military can draft women. It could be time to wag the dog in Venezuela. Michigan woman impersonates Neuman & Don’t call the cops if your drug dealer rips you off… seriously, we haver to tell you this again!

John Ford: Hey, did anybody watch the Oscars and either neither did I.

John Ford: Next, Kim Jong is on his slow train to Vietnam. Kim's rolling across China on his armored train heading to the Vietnam for his meeting with US President Trump, the meeting between the great orange one and the rotund leader of North Korea is scheduled to take place on June 12th. Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo's said over the weekend on Fox News Sunday.

Mike Pompeo: I spent a lot of time with Chairman Kim. My team is on the ground today continuing to flush out paths forward to develop a roadmap between the two countries who are determined to achieve that. It's important for the world's security.

John Ford: Meanwhile, in Vietnam, Vietnamese authorities have warned both Trump and Kim impersonators that they could be deported from the country for impersonating Trump or Kim Jong. This news comes out of Vietnam following a taped interview in the country by two of the impersonators. The Guardian reports the interview was not aired.

John Ford: From the what's good for the goose is good for the Gander Department comes news that a federal court has ruled that the male only draft is unconstitutional. A Texas federal judge ruled that the time has passed for a debate on whether women belong in the military. The ruling conflicts with a supreme court ruling from 1981 that ruled that the male only draft was quote, fully justified because women were ineligible for combat roles. The new case was brought before the court by the men's rights group, the National Coalition for men, who argued that the all male draft was unfair.

John Ford: Things are getting hotter in Venezuela. Soldiers from the embattled nation are reportedly abandoning their posts as protests continue and clashes are turning deadly. Al Jazeera is reporting that at least two protestors have been killed and that Venezuela has severed diplomatic ties with Columbia. B and O news reports that a Venezuela lawmaker and member of the opposition party, has been poisoned in Columbia and that his condition is indeed grave. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that a military option is still on the table for the US On Fox News Sunday. Pence is headed South America Monday to meet Guiado at the Lima Group of regional leaders. Wag meet dog. Well, at least if we need to, we can start drafting women.

John Ford: Newman would be very impressed. In suburban Detroit, a US Postal Service worker has been fingered for possessing nearly 15,000 pieces of mail in her Clinton township home. M live reports that Tiara Vann has been charged with mail theft and reportedly told investigators that she had been bringing home mail since September. Investigators were tipped off after an exterminator that was treating Van's home noticed all the mail.

John Ford: How many times do we have to tell you if someone steals your stash or rips you off during a drug buy, don't call the police. According to the Metro, a woman in Northern Ireland called the cops, when someone sold her sugar instead of cocaine. The woman told police that after spending 200 euros for coke, she ended up with nothing more than brown sugar. The fact that it was brown didn't tip her off?


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