Overnight Underground News Feb 27 2019

India & Pakistan go at it. Cohen gets ready to rat. Trump & Kim’s Vietnam lovenest. US to invade Venezuela? Your smart device could soon start turning you in to the cops & The latest thing to feel guilty about? Toilet Paper

Mostly correct transcript:

John Ford: 00:00 The overnight underground news blip roundup. India has conducted an airstrike in the Pakistani controlled region of cashmere Indian foreign secretary Gokhale. Just what we need two nuclear armed countries getting into a spat, no telling what the fallout will be.

John Ford: 00:29 The Washington Post is reporting that Michael Cohen will testify that president Trump engaged in criminal conduct while in office. Cohen's public testimony in front of Congress begins today, Should be a wild week on Capitol Hill.

John Ford: 00:44 Speaking of the great orange one, Trump begins his talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un today in Vietnam. The White House has set low ambitions for the summit despite the fact that they're in love. Kim may be willing to give up his nukes, but no way is he giving up his smokes. The North Korean leader was recently seen taking a cigarette break at a train station in China, on his trip to the summit.

John Ford: 01:17 The ruskies are claiming that the US is getting ready to invade Venezuela. The Russian Security Council secretary said on Monday that the US has sent special forces to Puerto Rico and Colombia in preparation for a military invasion of the troubled South American country.

John Ford: 01:36 Hey Alexa, call the police. Your Google or Amazon smart device might soon come with the ability to rat you out to the cops. Touted as moral A.I. Scientists at the University of Bergen are touting research that would allow your smart device to report illegal activity to the police.... Citizen. The Boffins want the digital assistance to possess and ethical awareness that would simultaneously represent both the owner and, the authorities. The Daily Fail. Uh, Mail reports that scientists believe future smart devices would have internal discussions about illegal behavior or activity. And then way conflicting Info between laws and personal freedoms before deciding whether or not to inform the authorities. Wait a second. It's not like these devices will just figure all this off for themselves. Remember, a human programmer will code this thing to make these ethical decisions. You want an Orwellian police state? Cause this is how you get an Orwellian police date.

John Ford: 02:38 Here it is. The latest thing you're supposed to feel guilty about wiping your butt. A new study is pointing out that American's use more toilet paper than anyone else in the world. Wait a second. They say this like it's a bad thing according to the research our overuse of TP is contributing to wait for it. Global warming, America's obsession with toilet paper, according to research by the environmental group, stand.earth and the natural resources defense fund, say it plays a key role in climate change because cutting down trees is bad. Maybe we should revert back to corn cobs after all they are dishwasher safe.


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