Overnight Underground News Blip Mar 4 2019

Trump swore in front of a HUGE Republican crowd, I shoot you not! Free speech and all that. Bernie runs on the platform he is not Trump. Trump has more trouble coming from The House. Spending is down, Victoria’s Secret goes bust, Seal eats loaf of bread & spend a day in the park

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Mostly Correct Overnight Underground News Transcript

President Trump made an appearance at the C-PAC convention over the weekend. The President spoke candidly about the ongoing Russia investigation. (Byte) Well, that’s about all you really need to know about that.


Mr Trump did say that he’s vowing to sign an executive order that will require colleges and universities to "support free speech" in order to be eligible for federal research dollars. (Byte)


Bernie Sanders officially threw his hat into the 2020 presidential race over the weekend, his platform… He’s not trump. (Byte)


To say it has been a busy week in Washington would be an understatement. The House Judiciary Committee is probing possible obstruction by Trump, and no one in their right mind wants that kind of probe. The panel will look into possible obstruction of justice and abuse of power by President Trump. ​​ Requests for over 60 documents will be issued, Representative Jerrold Nadler told ABC’s This Week.


Here’s the roundup.


Consumer spending is down. For the first time in over three years, personal income fell and consumer spending is down about a half a percent. That is the most its dropped since December of 2009.


Victoria’s Secret is going bust. Tits Up. Well, at least 53 of its stores are. The skimpy outfitter is shuttering the stores due to what it says was, “a bad Christmas.” What, no stocking stuffers!


Musician Carly Rae Jepsin, yea I have no idea. Said that she was once on a flight with Seal and he ate a whole loaf of bread, one piece at a time. Seal the musician, not the aquatic mammal. I got nuthin’.


Spending 20 minutes a day in the park will make you a happier camper. Research from the International Journal of Environmental Health Research says evidence shows that just hanging out in a park, taking in the glory of nature will lower your risk of developing psychiatric disorders. The researchers also report that you don’t even have to do anything, no physical activity required. Of course, if your local park is filled with bums and junkies, it probably all just cancels out.




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