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Trump issues budget and asks for billions for border wall. Demo’s pick Milwaukee for beer, ah convention. Power blackouts continue in Venezuela. Trump hates darkness or daylight. Bieber is depressed. Jameson whiskey bacon maple syrup pancakes… that is all. 

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President Trump just won’t give up on that damn border wall. The White House budget proposal is asking for eight point six billion dollars to build the wall on the nations southern border. Of course, the proposal drew condemnations from the Democrats. The figure is more than six times what Congress has allocated for border projects and around six percent more than the President would have demanded if emergency powers had been invoked. Contrary to rumors, the budget was not written in crayon on a single page.


In other political poop, Milwaukee has been chose for the Democratic National Convention. You may remember that Wisconsin was the state Hillary lost to Trump in the last election and drew criticism because it was left off her schedule visit during the campaign. Milwaukee beat out Miami and Houston as the pick for the Dems.


Much of Venezuela is still in the dark amid power blackouts and rampant looting in the South American country. Venezuela’s President Maduro is blaming the US for the countries power woes, saying the electricity grid has been hacked in and act of sabotage on the Guri hydroelectric dam. The Daily Mail reports a number of people have been detained following looting at supermarkets in Caracas. An unnamed American official has not reportedly said, “We didn’t do it. But you know, we totally would screw with them if given the opportunity. But lets face it, it’s much easier sit back and let them step on their own dicks."


How are you enjoying your first day back at work following the time change? Not so much? If Trump gets his way, you may never had to deal with it again. The President gave the thumbs up to making daylight savings time permanent, days after a congressional bill suggested the change.


Justin Bieber is felling very, very depressed. The, just what exactly is he anyway, the post-modern teeny bopper pop star says he has been “struggling a lot” and has asked his fans to pray for him. Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin said in a Vogue interview recently that they were both in therapy to deal with their communication issues. In the words of legendary philosopher George Carlin, “It’s true that money can’t buy you happiness, but somehow it’s much more comfortable crying in a Porsche than on a Bicycle.


Jameson whiskey bacon maple syrup pancakes. Did that get your attention. Just a public service announcement from the Overnight Underground. You can find the recipe on the Irish Post. The link, available at johnford.radio.



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