Overnight Underground Mar 13 2019

Manafort gets more jail time and more bad news & maybe a Trump pardon. Boeing 737 Max get grounded worldwide. Venezuela just can’t catch a break and neither can the UK. NYPD discovers an amazing new use for police body cams. 

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Not the best of days for Paul Manafort, slapped with nearly a four year sentence, for a total of seven and half years behind bars for the former Trump campaign manager. Then, just following his federal sentence, came news that Manafort will face new mortgage and conspiracy charges from New York prosecutors. Ouch. Now the question remains, will President Trump pardon him? ABC’s chief legal analyst thinks so. That’s what he said on his Sirius XM show on Wednesday (byte) Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters that Trump pardoning Manafort would be a disaster for the President. So smart money is on another Presidential disaster.


The Boeing 737 Max 8’s and 9’s have been grounded worldwide. And this time it has nothing to do with gravity. President Trump announced the US would follow Canada and the rest of the world’s lead and ground the aircraft following two recent crashes. (Byte) Smart money will be on Boeing stock grounding just as quick as their planes.


Venezuela’s on fire yo! Multiple explosions are rocking power stations and substations and now an oil refinery in the South American country. Sources are reporting that the Petro San Félix oil refinery is currently on fire. No power, no water, no oil, no food and no dinero. Still, there are a lot of college kids who still ​​ think that it’s a paradise.


It’s a day ending in day, so there must be more drama happening in the UK. British lawmakers have again rejected more Brexit stuff. I know, it’s hard to keep track. British MP’s voted against the no-deal Brexit on Wednesday evening. Parliament closed this evening to a rounding rendition of Benny Hill’s Yackety Sax.


Here’s a use for police body cam’s you probably never considered. The NY Post is reporting that a Brooklyn cop accidentally recorded preforming oral sex on her boss with her body cam. The female officer thought she turned the camera off, but somehow during the action, the camera turned back on and caught the duo in the throngs of passion. The sexcapade was discovered following a review of body cam footage. Well, some people have always believed the NYPD sucked.


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