Overnight Underground News Mar 14 2019

Trump gets stonewalled. Rockets bursting in air, over Tel Aviv. Suspected CIA plane makes trip to Venezuela. Beto spreads the good news. Driving drunk while sober, it’s more likely than you think. 

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Mostly Accurate Transcript:

Today on the Overnight Underground, The Senate votes down President Trump’s border wall emergency, rockets are being fired at Israel and rumors of intervention in Venezuela.


It certainly was a rebuke to the President, the Republican controlled Senate voted to block the national emergency on the border wall. All in all a dozen Republicans joined Democrats to block the resolution to tap into six billion bucks for the southern border wall that had been set aside for other programs. No truth to the rumor the President was seen in the Oval Office digging through a box of crayons searching for the one labeled Veto.


Palestinians sent two olive branches into Israel on Thursday. According to multiple sources two rockets were fired toward Tel Aviv from Northern Syria. Netanyahu is reportedly holding an emergency security meeting and all hell could break loose at any moment. Rocket alert sirens were blaring in Tel Aviv for the first time in two years, all of this happening just three weeks before Israel holds a general election.



American diplomats are getting the hell out of Dodge, in Venezuela and there has been some mysterious aerial activity in the skies around the South American country. A cargo aircraft linked to the CIA appears to have landed in Caracas. This follows Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s decision to order all Embassy staff out of the country. Its unknown what the airplanes mission is, it could be for evacuating the embassy staff or possibly to bolster the CIA presence in Venezuela. Hold on to your shorts ladies and gents, remember the President said, (byte).


Beto O’Rourke has officially thrown his hat into the 2020 Presidential Race. Warning of impending doom from global warming and hundreds of millions of climate refugees and total extension in a dozen years Beto brought the good news of his campaign via video from El Paso.


You can’t be arrested for drunk driving if your sober. Well, you can if your name is Sober. 44-year-old Daniel Sober was arrested over the weekend for driving over the limit in suburban Pittsburgh. You can hear it now, “Are you drunk?” … No office I’m Sober.” Hey, he wasn’t lying.


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