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Yang says hands off the wang. Trump says go ahead, release the hounds, eh report. New Zealand blocks web sites at the ISP level. Google looses more pocket change. Peppa is a sexist pig. 

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Yang is laissez faire on wang. According to the Daily Beast, Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang has taken a hands off position on circumcision. Yang tweeted last week that he was against the practice of ritualized cutting the foreskin of newborns. This news comes with Yang’s publicized stance on universal income, which he believes can curb racism and calling for penalties for fake news.


President Trump is backing the public release of the Mueller Report. Signs and rumors are pointing to the release of the Mueller Report, the investigation into Trump’s alleged ties to Russian interference in the 2016 election. Trump told reporters on the White House lawn that he was all for the report being made public. (Byte)


Following the terror attacks in New Zealand, it appears that internet providers in that country are blocking some web sites at the ISP level. Zero Hedge and InfoWars are both saying that their web sites are being blocked by the nations internet service providers. Users in New Zealand are able to load the sites using a VPN. New Zealand telecom CEOs, recently penned an open letter to Facebook, Twitter and Google, recommending that they adopt European proposals for policing of content for the sake of 'protecting consumers.'


Google has been hit with another whammy from the EU, to the tune of one point seven billion euros. In reality, just pocket change for Google. This latest fine, over anti-trust in advertising, brings the total to eight point two billion euros levied against the internet giant. Guess they will have to dig through the couch cushions.



Today the racist accusation the day goes to…. Let’s spin the wheel, Peppa pig. Peppa is accused of being a, ahem, racist pig, because he (can we say he?) used the term Fireman. The London Fire Brigade took umbrage with Peppa by tweeting, “ You have a huge influence on kids & using out of date stereotypical gender specific wording prevents young girls from becoming firefighters.” It’s a talking pig for god’s sake.



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