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Trump hints at stopping flights between US and China, Starbucks closes ½ its Chinese stores, Bloomberg shakes dog’s nose, WAWA security breach update, USB Condoms Netflix firings and blind  Florida fisherman

The great orange one currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is hinting that it might be time to shut down flights between the US and China. According to CNBC, officials for the administration have told US airlines that the suspension of flights between the two countries could come soon. How soon? Well our cousins across the pond have already suspended all  British Airways flights between England and mainland China. So, get ready to say goodbye to those precious airline stocks, but look on the bright side, once the plague really gets rolling in the US, maybe then Trump will get everyone healthcare. 

Further proof that the apocalypse may truly be upon us, Starbucks is closing half of its stores in China. The BBC is reporting that some two thousand stores will be shuttered in China to protect its staff and quote “support government efforts” to contain the coronavirus. Semiconductor stocks have also slipped in recent days over growing weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth over supply chain fears. (byte) Despite just recording record first quarter results, Apple’s Tim Cook is also reportedly monitoring the situation, due to worries that quarantines, plagues and death could have an effect on the fruity computer companies bottom line. Better order those iPhones now, custom orders come by air not by sea, and now they come complete with pre-installed pestilence at no extra charge! 

This just in, Presidential hopeful and all around uber loaded rich guy Michael Bloomberg was hot  on the campaign trail yesterday, and shook hands with a dog’s nose.  Watch the complete dog nose video on today’s Overnight Underground post at johnford.net. 


That security breach at convenience store chain WAWA back in December, coughed up millions of credit card numbers. According to Kerbs on Security, thirty million credit card numbers were snagged from eight hundred and fifty locations nationwide. Yea, you should have passed on the WAWA hoagies and gone with a cheesesteak or Dunkin Doughnuts instead.

Practice safe computing or you could get the dreaded Hex Herpes. That’s the advice from ZD Net, because according to them we all need to buy a USB Condom. The USB data blocking condom, allegedly keeps your phone and other devices safe from pesky digital infections. (byte)  And let’s face it, you don’t want to get your iPhone knocked up from a premature discharge.

Netflix has shown the door to over a dozen of its marketing employees. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the layoffs are a shift in strategy for the streaming service, moving from marketing individual shows to marketing to the service as a whole. To many of us the Netflix already is a hole. Hey Netflix, I have an idea for you, how about more shows in English, it seems about seventy percent of the shows these days on Netflix are in some dang language other than ‘Merican. If I want to read, I’ll get a damn book.

Today’s dumb ass of the day goes to a Florida Man who mistook those fishing pole holes on his boat for the gas tank. You guessed it, the idiot pumped 30 gallons of gas directly into his bilge. UPI reports that Orange County Fire Rescue Hazmat were called to the 7-11 in Orlando where the incident occurred. A breathalyzer was administered following the mishap and the offender was deemed too drunk to drive, but not drunk enough to fish. 

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While campaigning in Burlington, Vermont yesterday, Fmr. Mayor Michael Bloomberg met a dog. #Campaign2020 https://t.co/AKAj8nMZhv

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