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North Korea gets Coronavirus, Free Porn for Cruise Ship Virus Detainees, Bloomberg called Alleged Racist, Greta Thunberg Gets TV Show, Hookers for Jesus gets Government Grant and Weinstein set to close. 

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According to that bastion of journalism, the Daily Beast, coronavirus is kicking best Korea’s ass.  The article notes that the South Korean press is reporting that coronavirus is hitting North Korea hard, and that Kim Jung is so Ill he had to cancel a parade on Saturday, commemorating the anniversary of the founding of the country’s armed forces. No soldiers with giant hats parading with their massive missiles in downtown Pyongyang? It must be serious. The spread of the panic inducing disease to best Korea, according to the article, has caused North Korea to seal its northern border with China. Wait, when did it get unsealed? But take all of this with a grain of salt, I mean let’s face it, the Daily Beast is hardly a solid news source. Still, maybe just a tad more reliable than this year’s Iowa caucus.

North Korea’s Secret Coronavirus Crisis is Crazy Scary

SEOUL- North Korea’s not saying a word about deaths or illnesses from the coronavirus, but the disease reportedly has spread across the border from China and is taking a toll in a country with a dismal health care system and scant resources for fighting off the deadly bug.

One company is looking to lend a hand to the still quarantined coronavirus cruise ship passengers by giving them free porn. Fox Business News notes that CamSoda, the adult web site in question. is hoping to ease the boredom of the cruise ship isolationists, offering free porn webcam sessions. Giving new meaning to the phrase, “Going down with the ship.”

Free porn offered to quarantined coronavirus cruise passengers

The Miami-based porn site that tried to offer complimentary webcams to the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers last month is attempting to ease boredom for passengers stuck aboard Princess Cruises’ two quarantined vessels with free webcam sessions.

How is the New Hampshire primary going? It depends on who you ask. But as of today, the biggest loser isn’t even in the running in New Hampshire. Tearing up Twitter today, god I wish someone would tear up Twitter, is a 2015 audio recording of Presidential hopeful and all around rich guy Mike Bloomberg defending ‘stop and frisk,’ and throwing minority kids against the wall. (byte) Needless to say, it’s causing a lot of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth on the self righteous twittersphere. The Trump supporters will use this as ammo against Bloomberg and the intersectional cancel culture mob will undoubtedly weaponize this as part of their hate campaigns as well. Unless Bloomberg pulls off a media miracle, it looks like the great white billionaire hope is probably done. 

Bloomberg heard in 2015 audio clip defending ‘stop and frisk,’ throwing minority kids against wall: report

A newly-surfaced recording from a 2015 speech by Michael Bloomberg, in which the former three-term mayor of New York City gives a full-throated defense of the controversial policing procedure known as “stop and frisk,” is threatening to undermine the 2020 presidential candidate’s subsequent apologies for backing the policy and hurt his status with minority voters.

Serial scolder and climate cult commander Greta Thunberg is getting an extension to her fifteen minutes of blame. The BBC, in all of its infinite tv taxing wisdom, is giving the 17-year-old serial school skipper her own TV show. No release date has been announced, but hopefully it’s scheduled to air before the end of the world. Or not. 

Greta Thunberg to Get BBC Studios TV Series About Her Life

BBC Studios is making a TV show with 17-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg. The project was announced at the BBC Showcase trade show on Monday. No network, release date or number of episodes have yet been set. Here is the description for the series, which comes from the studio’s science unit.

Where is your tax money going? Hookers for Jesus of course! The Department of Justice is ducking for cover after its been revealed that the government agency gave somewhere in the neighborhood of half a million dollars to Hookers for Jesus in an anti-human trafficking grant. According to the report from Newsweek, Hookers for Jesus is a Christian organization founded by a former sex worker. Maybe it’s completely legit, but the name Hookers for Jesus somehow reminds me of Springtime for Hitler. Is that a good or bad thing?

DOJ gave $500K grant to ‘Hookers for Jesus’ instead of established anti-trafficking groups: Report

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is under fire after a whistleblower complaint revealed that the department had given over $1 million in anti-human trafficking grants to two groups, Hookers for Jesus and the Lincoln Tubman Foundation, rather than highly recommended, established groups.

Sunday night’s Oscars ratings fell to an all time low, down about twenty percent from a year ago. But the real news for the glittering Hollywood elite comes out of New York, with former silver screen kingmaker or is it queenmaker, Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial set to wrap up early. The Guardian reports that the prosecution is expected to make closing arguments by the end of the week. Last week jurors got a peek at naked pictures of Weinstein so they could get a close up look at the Hollywood heavy’s allegedly odd genitalia. The photos, according to The Post, received assorted offbeat reactions from at least three of the jurors. Let’s face it, rancid, fried pork fat dipped in putrid lard have more sex appeal than Harvey Weinstein. 

Harvey Weinstein jurors shown naked photos of movie mogul

Manhattan jurors at Harvey Weinstein ‘s rape trial sat through some cringe-worthy testimony Tuesday before things really took a turn for the worse. Toward the end of the day, the panel was shown five nude photos of the portly, 67-year-old disgraced producer, presumably to help corroborate his alleged victims’ description of his odd genitalia.

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