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The never ending pandemic. The Black Panthers protest kung pow chicken. Death sentence by video chat and Joe Rogan is fracking rich.

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Military says the pandemic may last until next summer

Who’s up for the pandemic lasting until next summer! Yea, I didn’t think so. The Website Task and Purpose have allegedly uncovered a leaked Pentagon memo that warns of a, quote: ‘real possibility’ of COVID-19 resurgence and the very real possibility of a vaccine not being available until the summer of 2021.  Army researchers have targeted a twelve to eighteen month timeframe for vaccine availability, but some experts say even that might not be enough.

Pandemic worst case scenario 

And the hits just keep on coming. A report from the University Of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School is pretty scary. Their model predicts COVID-19 cases will reach just under five and a half million with a death toll close to three hundred thousand by the end of July. Just for the record, this ominous model is based on all states fully reopening without any social distancing measures. So just stay the hell away from each other would you. Currently there are more than one and a half million cases and over ninety two thousand deaths across the US.

Trump sees quick economic turnaround

The White House on the other hand, is presently predicting a swift economic recovery, though some experts think the West Wing might just be on the dope. Reported in the Houston Chronicle, the Trump administration is conveying confidence that  “reopening” states will counter the economic damage caused Covid-19. Despite the shocking  increases in unemployment and small business closings, White House economists are crossing their fingers and rubbing their elephants, wait can I say that?  that the economy will roar back to life in the second half of this year. 

Those damn racist Chinese restaurants. 

Well this seems kind of stupid. The New Black Panther Party staged a demonstration in DC on Tuesday protesting what they say is China’s racist treatment of Africans during the coronavirus pandemic. That seems OK. The stupid part, they decided a Chinese takeout restaurant called Yum’s was the perfect spot to stage their protest. Mother Jones writer Stephanie Mencimer caught the picket and posted their protestation on Twitter. Here’s an edited bit of their demonstration, at least the part we could hear and possibly decipher. According to Mencimer, the restaurant, Yum’s is a, quote: “beloved DC institution, and home of the city’s signature dish: chicken wings and MAMBO sauce.” You know, you just can’t make this shit up.

Death by videoconference

Just imagine, receiving a death sentence via video chat. In what may be only the second time in history, Singapore’s Supreme Court sentenced a man to death over a Zoom video chat. Nine News Australia reports that a 37-year-old Malaysian national was sentenced to death by hanging for allegedly introducing two drug dealers to each other back in 2011. Wait a second, I think that’s the real story here, he was sentenced to death for making an introduction. And here in the US, we thought getting fired over Zoom was pretty harsh. 

Rioting in France continues

Oh those wacky youth are back at it again in France, rioting and burning and such. Reuters reports Youths set cars alight in low-income housing estates in the Paris suburbs overnight. This latest round of mayhem is being attributed to the death of Sabri Choubi, an 18-year old who died last weekend in a motorcycle accident. Well that makes sense. 

Joe Rogan is rich

Holy contract on a cracker batman, Marketwatch is reporting that Joe Rogan’s deal with Spotify will net the podcaster a cool one hundred million bucks. Needless to say, it’s quite possibly the most expensive deal in the podcasting space. And here at the Overnight Underground, we’re happier than a pig in shit if someone just clicks the “buy me a coffee” link at overnightunderground dot com to send us five samolians. 

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